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2021 Annual Conference


Notification of 2021 Annual Member Meeting - posted 2/12/2021

The 2021 Annual Member meeting will be held at 3:30 pm on March 13th, 2021
The meeting will be a virtual (Zoom) meeting at the end of our Annual Conference.
Instructions will be sent out before the meeting to all members about how to participate in the Annual meeting.

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Our Mission

  • Gather and provide information regarding the culture of aronia.
  • Better the conditions of those engaged in aronia growing and encourage sustainable growing practices.
  • Improve the quality and marketability of aronia produced through the use of education and research.
  • Promote the aronia industry and other value-added uses of aronia.
  • Network and cooperate with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organizations and private industry to address these stated purposes.
  • Promote a healthy social and political environment conducive to aronia growing.

The American Aronia Berry Association’s primary purpose is to educate and facilitate communication among the members.  Further defined, the Association will educate the members about marketing aronia, introduce and educate the general public about aronia and its value added uses to increase demand, improve the quality and marketability of aronia through education and research, promote a social and political environment conducive to growing and marketing aronia, facilitate supply network communications from grower to end users, and to network and cooperate with related government agencies, education institutions, and other organizations and private industry to address the purposes stated above.  

The American Aronia Berry Association does not buy or sell aronia berries.  The Board is committed to an expanded effort to identify and recruit people, processors, and industries to use aronia for its many health and nutritional benefits.  We invite the membership to participate in this endeavor by personally reaching out to people, processors, or industries who may have an interest in what the aronia berry can do for them.  If you prefer someone else make this contact, please pass on the contact information to the Board at info@americanaronia.org.  If you know someone, a contact becomes much easier and they can often refer you to the appropriate person.