Cicada Damage to Aronia Plants

Are your fields buzzing?

MAA Members reporting Cicada damage to Aronia plants

An MAA member from Leon, IA reported damage to her Aronia plants:

The 17 year brood of cicadas in the area was the suspected culprit.

Another member (St. Charles, IA) with similar cicada damage to his plants replied with this source:  It appears to have very good coverage of the basic topics relating to cicada infestation, life span, reporting, siting data (, recommended prevention, etc.  According to the source, the best protection is ¼” netting wrapped all around the tree or bush.  Mature trees are not often affected negatively, but younger plants can experience severe damage, since the female creates a slit in the branches (1/2” or less in diameter) to lay eggs, which subsequently weakens the branch, causing breaks and possible plant death.

This member estimates a 50-75% yield loss due to cicada damage and believes his 4-year plants will survive, but that first and second year plants may experience some plant morbidity.

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