Grower Break Even Calculator

Grower Break Even Calculator:  click here

Use this calculator to find out your break even price for your aronia operation.  Every operation has unique start-up and maintenance costs so every operation will have a different break even.  You should know your break even so you can set your price above that to make a profit.

Steps to use the calculator:  (The calculator has built in assumptions that might not fit all operations, but this will still allow you to find your ballpark break even / lb.)

First, click on link above and save a copy of this spreadsheet to your computer.

1. Enter variables (like number of plants, price /lb., and Lbs. / plant, etc.) into yellow cells on page-1

2. Enter Planting Year expenses

3. Enter Growth and Production (Variable) expenses

4. Enter Ownership (fixed) expenses (pink cells page-2)

5. Find your summary and break even information on page-1.

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