Dr. Aronia

Founded by a successful international female entrepreneur, Aylin Kalafatoglu, Dr. Aronia is a leading Aronia leader in Turkey as a distributor and wholesaler. With its proven expertise, Dr. Aronia is the first and only brand who serves the farming industry, machinery, and seedlings to finished Aronia products.
With over 45 years of experience Aronia Eggert and JagodaJps, Dr. Aronia is the only sole representative in Turkey that offers to the farms the best plants for trade production as well as for horticulture.
Dr. Aronia reaches its consumers with more than 20 products containing 100% Aronia that’s produced in its own factory.  Dr. Aronia is also a leader in educating the public about Aronia hosting workshops and giving keynote speeches around the country.

Company Website: http://www.draronia.com/